"WE, the 200 million Indian Muslims constitute the most backward segment of Indian population. This claim adequately finds its substantive reflection in our poverty level, lack of literacy, weak socio-economic strength, low standard of living, poor status of health & nutrition, general living conditions, disproportionate representation in legislature, bureaucracy, judiciary, business, trade, industry and economic development. In fact from the necessity point of view, in educational, social, economic, political and human resource development, we deserve far more safeguards and concessions than our counterparts in Hindu community and other minorities. The last 58 years track record of governance have now pushed us to believe in and demand for proportionate representation in legislature, bureaucracy, judiciary, education, economics, employment and all other areas of national development. Our demand is that we should not be treated merely as the biggest minority among all the Indian minorities, but we are officially recognised as the single largest segment of Indian population and
therefore, our proportionate participation in governance and development is provided accordingly".