This is directly related to Muslim society

PROBLEMS OF MUSLIM SOCIETY AND THEIR SOLUTION Though I had already discussed in MANSHOOR-E- MUSLIM all the milli problems in much detail and have also determined the duties and responsibilities imposed upon both the Muslim society and responsible persons of millat with reference to the solution of each problem but at this stage I just want to put those suggestions before you which may take the shape of ultimate resolutions of the problems presently confronting the community.


In all the attacks against Indian Muslims and the Muslims of the world from different directions, Islam, Islamic teachings, Holy Quran or Quaranic verses, Islamic jurisprudence, model life of prophets, ahle-e-biat, companions of prophet, tabe-in and taba-tabe-in, imams, mufassirs, muhaddis, theologians, preachers, religious scholars, madarasas or other religious organizations, movements and activities are made the direct targets. In the circumstances we don't have any such central mechanism from where a proper, comprehensive and satisfactory reply to these questions may be given. Through media, contradictory opinions may emerge on the same which further complicate the matter.


Talaq (divorce) - we have four schools of thought having different opinions on talaq and all the opinions are based on Quran and Hadith and in accordance with Islamic values and teachings but still in the matter of talaq-e ahsan, the entire media consider it as the "concept of beginning of reform movement" in the Muslim society. It is happening because we have failed to put forward the real picture in the absence of any collective system.

Jihad or Qital: Jihad is a very pious and revolutionary concept but today it is being understood with interpretation of suicidal attacks and terrorism. It has acknowledged this meaning and has also become popular with this definition though all those are the baseless, wrong and false accusation and nothing else. We must admit it that here also we have failed to put it before the people convincingly.

Offering namaz on the roads, use of loud speakers in the mosques and the objections to them, unnecessary their use in the early morning hours and late in the nightmare, such issues because of which misunderstanding are on increase and even riots are broken out some time, probably those, who are ready even to sacrifice their lives, are not aware as to what are the Islamic instructions on such issues, they are just considering it equal to martyrdom.

Television, internet, photography, getting educated in composite atmosphere and a number of other similar questions are raised frequently and will continue to be so till the day of judgment. The only solution to all these problems, in my opinion, is as under:-


  • Religious scholars from sects like Deoband, Bareilly, Shia and Ahl-e-Hadith jointly identify such qualified, competent and progressive Muftis (interpreter of Islamic law) in their respective circles who are expert in Islamic jurisprudence and the Muftis of these four major schools of religious thought are made members of this council.
  • Besides the panel of Muftis on the council there should also be a team of intellectual advisors representing areas like, Indian constitution, Psychology, Sociology, communication, political science, economics, philosophy and any other intellectual who are capable of interpreting and exploiting all the worldly aspects of the problem, aspects that are necessary to put forth before the Honourable Muftis for arriving at the most appropriate, logically viable and correct opinion. It is important to take into account all the relevant dimensions of the problem like who is approaching for Fatwa? What is his or her background? How genuine is the intention? Is the person trustworthy or not? Is it necessary to verify the credentials of the questions posed? Is it necessary to cross examine the parties involved? Is the question asked appropriately framed or not? What can be the consequences of issuing a Fatwa by ignoring the aforesaid questions? Are there any vested interests operating behind the move, if so this needs to be investigated?

  • Muftis are available today almost in every street and mohalla and they are issuing fatwa's but this process is causing more disadvantages then advantages. Hence, any fatwa, which is issued, must be certified by a district, state or central body. (All schools of thought must devise such a mechanism immediately)

  • There is no reservation if the fatwa's of routine nature are issued at the local level but the issue which are sensitive or are related with the entire society or may have far reaching consequences must be raised at the institutional level only and be referred to central Darul Ifta and Ijitihad Council. Fatwa's issued through this channel will have maximum sanctity and acceptability. Muftis at the local level should avoid issuing fatwa's except for situations which are purely of routine nature.


  • The central leadership of every school of religious thought should chalk out a procedure of registration of madarsas with them and put the same in to practice.
  • Evolving an administrative mechanism for the governance of madras's and that it is adopted in all madarsas of respective Maslaks (schools of thought).
  • Devising a uniform curriculum.To achieve this important goal lead should be taken by Allama Mohammad Akhtar Raza khan Al-Azhari sahib, Hazrat Moulana Asad Madani sahib, Hazart Moulana Abdul Hameed Rehmani Sahib, Hazrat Moulana Syed Kalab Sadiq Sahib and Hazrat Moulana Hussein Rabe Nadvi sahib on behalf of the practicing schools of thought.
  • National Madarsa Advisory Council may be constituted comprising of all these five religious leaders or the representatives nominated by them so that the religious madarsas may be able to have a country wide uniform system of education.


If more than three lakh mosques spread over through out this country and their Imams are streamlined in a country wide system then a movement for reforming the society may be slated through mosque and their Imams. In this context a positive and constructive initiative is required to be taken. Allah has provided the Muslims of the world such centers in the form of mosques which could be used for consultation and may be made useful to overcome the mismanagement, defects and erring approach available in the society. How this system be established, I have already discussed its details in India Muslim and present dilemma -an appraisal under the title Imams of mosque -best means of thoughtful reformation however only a few special points are required to be discussed.

This system will be spread at central, state, district, town and village level.

To take this initiative four most reliable and respectable personalities i.e. Hazrat Moulana syed Ahmed Bhukari, shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Hazrat Moulana Mufti Dr Mukarrum Ahmed, Shahi Imam, Masjid Fatehpuri, Hazrat Moulana Syed Ali Naqvi, Imam Shia Jama Masjid, Kashmere Gate, Delhi and Hazart Moulana Abdul Hameed Rahmani, Imam and Khateeb, Jama Masjid Ahl-e-hadis, Zakir Nagar, New Delhi, I would like to request them to kindly take lead.


The Vice Chancellors of Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia. Jamia Hamdard and Moulana Azad National Urdu University jointly should set up a National Milli Educational Development Board comprising of persons, organizations and movements like Al-Ameen, Anjumane-Islam Mumbai etc. who are working in the filed of contemporary education through out the country as members.

The work among four universities may be divided as under:

Pre-primary and middle education
Secondary and Sr. Secondary education.
Higher education
Technical education

Every one out of them may be made head of one discipline. The chancellors of all the four universities are made a patron of each stream respectively. In this way, best minds will be available to the planning in the filed of education and all the Milli educational institutions will be able to have full opportunity to use and be benefited with the think tank of all the four Muslim universities.

I will keep confined myself up to the basic structure only. In case of agreement, these personalities are more capable then me to chalk out the details in this matter.

In this way, the filed of education will have a central leadership. Not only this but the process will get encouragement form millions of students who had completed their studies in these milli institutions to make it more practical and the education in its original spirit and with the requirement of modern period will reach the community. .


I have already presented a social structure of Muslims society in the beginning of the action plan. It will be easy to visualize that our actual problems are directly related to the economy of those 90 percent Muslims who are engaged in small and medium occupations. An action plan is also required to be chalked out for the full guidance and encouragement of this class for which we can establish a Milli Financial Development board. For this I expect from the following personalities to take a solid initiative.

I would like to request Mr. Abid Hussain, a leading economic strategist of the country, Mr Zafar Saifullah, former cabinet secretary, Dr. Mahmood ur-Rehman, chairman and Administrator, Bombay Mercantile Bank, Mr. Siraj Qureshi, chairman, Hind Group of Industries and Dr. Syed Mohd Farooq to take lead under the patronship of Mr. Azim Premji, chairman, Wipro group of Industries to take appropriate initiative as to how the position of Muslims be made better in the economic field.


As I have already expressed my view that the time of fighting in streets, Mohallas, Markets and battle fields has gone and now every war is fought at institutional level. Matters are to be discussed across the table and we have to convince with our stand only then the desired level comes out. Constitutional issues or the legal battles are the fields of those expert personalities who are capable of tackling such situations and thank God that such personalities are available in our society.

In this regard I would like to request Former Chief Justice of India, Justice Ahmadi, and Former Chairman of National Commission for Minorities, Mr. Tahir Mahmood, Leading Muslim advocates like Mr. Majeed Memon and Mr. Yousuf Hatim Machhala can take the lead.


This age belongs to media and communication. It is in this context looks necessary to draft a Milli media management mechanism since it is in this field when a mountain is made out of a mole -hill, a decision. Therefore a proper initiative is required here.

In this regard I would like to request Mr. M J Akbar, Saeed Naqvi, A G Noorani, Asghar Ali Engineer and Sheikh Manzoor Ahmed of UNI to put down their heads together to give the community a proper media direction.

The Chief Editors/Editors of Munsif, Rahnuma-e-deccan, Saaz-e-deccan , Hyderabad, Paasban and Salar of Bangalore, Urdu times and Inquilab of Mumbai, Siyasat Jaded and Ausaf of Kanpur, Aurangabed times, Aurangabad, Rashtrya Sahara, Delhi and Lucknow, Quami Awaz, Delhi and Lucknow, Nadeem, Bhopal. The Musalman, Madras, Azad Hind and Mashriqui Awaz, Kolkata, Rashriya Sahara, Quomi Awaz, Awam, Delhi, Sangam and Quomi Tanzeem, Patna, Weekly Nai Duniya and Fortnightly Views Times Awam weekly Nai Duniya should take initiative. Nothing would be delivered in this sphere with out your help and cooperation as it is a very sensitive and important matter.


Today mutual understanding, affection, relationship and faith is badly needed for the development of the country and community, it is not only our community requirement but much more than that is a national requirement. Let us forget our past bitterness, animosities, hatred, conspiracies, negative thinking, hypocrisies and a start on true India work to make our beloved country as developed country by 2020 and come forward to build a new civilized society, let us demolish the wall of hatred and must construct the forts of love and affection. I request to the entire Indian community in general and to the Indian Muslims in particular to come forward for the establishment of such committees. Here I also want to make a few basic submissions to Muslim society.

1. With reference to the stand on national affairs, problems and matters, we need more transparent expression.

2 We are habitual of organizing only Muslim conventions and that too in respect of Muslim problems only. We must take similar steps in the national problems.

3 Whenever aggression, high handed and heart burning incidents take place with majority community, our reaction should be prompt, complete, clear and free from all sorts of suspicions.

4 We pray to God for Muslims only. This is not proper God in whom we express our faith is the God of all worlds and of all communities and not for Muslims only. Similarly Islam is for the whole of humanity. There fore it should be clearly expressed through our prayers, deeds, acts and promises.