MUSLIM YOUTHS - Time to really get up!

Youths are considered arms of any society, nation and the country. Strong arms are the guarantee of the honor, existence and security of any community, identify of integrity, unity and sovereignty of the country, soul and spirit of the society and are the symbols of pride, honour and greatness. Youth is full of determination and feelings of liberty and have the aggressiveness to cut the chains of slavery on one hand and on the other hand he is ready to sacrifice his life for safeguarding the pride and honour of the community, he is an expert to cause losses in the camp of enemy and mad to achieve a win, he is permanently averse to down fall and a picture of development, he constructs strong forts and when these forts loose their soul and becomes life less he himself converts them into a bulk of sand. He is the guard of borders and a living example of sacrifice and devotion. This is the power and bravery to which I have given a call and tried to awake. I have determination not only to put them like a leaded wall to frustrate the evil intentions of hostile elements but I have also promised to God and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to online these efforts till the achievement of my goal.

The Indian Muslims are suffering form the curse of backwardness at educational, social and economic level. For this though some mistakes at our end and politics at government level to a greater extent is responsible but at the same time we as a community, our leadership and organization in the capacity of society can not ignore our responsibility.

The position of cleanliness of roads and drains in Muslim localities is not a hidden fact. It is also not a secret that Muslims institutions are not succeeding to bring an improvement in Muslim society because of infightings amongst them. The position in south India is comparatively better because of good leadership and organization network but in north India the position is very sad and painful. Economically in the field of handicrafts, the Muslims used to be in commanding position but since the entire business is in the hands of majority community this poor fellow is born as workman and dies as such. For such situation those person are responsible who have represented Indian Muslim at government in different institutions, organizations and parties and performed the duties of leadership. Therefore, these people should accept their failure and ineffective performance rebuild their character afresh and chalk out new priorities in changed conditions and accordingly mend their ways so that this period of suppression and atrocities may come to an end. In the circumstances through which entire community in general and youth in particular are passing through today. It would not be possible to give some more time to our elders. The manners in which the conspiracies are hatched up to uproot and suppress Muslims psychology in the nineties and the political and social result came out of it are not enough to restrain the feelings of youths now. Nobody should misunderstand it.

With the present revolution in the filed of information and publicity the world has been confined in one room today and media is dominating all walks of life. The need of the hour is to fight the war through media. We have to reform the basic instincts of our approach and say goodbye to conventional ways. We have to face the challenge in this scientific world through scientific means and tactics for which I do not find my present leadership well prepared. Probably this is the reason as to why our ineffectiveness and dishonor is increasing day by day.

Indian Muslims have never reacted to one sided suppression and atrocities taking place in a number of anti Muslim riots after independence in a manner which may create a security threat for the general peace, order and tranquility in the country. But when such oppressions cross the limit the reaction are natural. There are two reasons for such oppression - one is the ineffectiveness of the leadership of community and secondly the no confidence upon government machinery only after this extremism takes birth and from it originates the terrorism. I would like to point out here that if explosions of bombs at Mumbai are the proof of ineffectiveness of Muslim leadership on one hand, the role of government machinery to protect the interest of a particular section is the reason on other hand. In the recent riots which broke out in Gujarat Muslims were brunt alive, thousands massacred, lakhs were rendered homeless and many more lost their bread earners. Gujarat is one but there is innumerable number of Gujarats in the last 58 years of independence. Can one forget Neile in Assam where more than 4800 innocent Muslims were literally butchered, can Bhagalpur be ignored where hundreds of Muslims for no reason except that they were Muslims were buried alive and the thousand of innocent Muslims were killed and massacred in various parts of the country after the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. It is the constant denial of justice which prompts the youth to take to violence. If these circumstances boil the blood of some youth, who should be blamed for this, the faith, the community, the civilized society, the government or its machinery. How will they be persuaded to calm. The youth could be pacified by ensuring the supremacy of law and its equitable implementation. More than six lakhs military personnel's are posted in Kashmir but we are unable to control the situation. Unfortunately, we are still trying to escape our responsibility by accusing our neighbors instead of admitting the ground realities like gross violation of human rights, perpetuating Injustice and inequalities prevalent are needed to be addressed and redressed immediately. Here I have no reservations in expressing my agreement to the hostile role of our neighbours. Punjab got rid of terrorism but northeastern states, Tamil Nadu and as are stilling in its grip.

Muslim youths, the arm of 20 cores Indian Muslim is passing through the most acute state of mental and psychological disorder and. Unrest. They are unhappy with their leadership and also the leadership of the country. They do not have complete faith either in government machinery or in non government organization. These are the circumstances which are compelling the youths to take initiative in the larger interest of the community and in the country. This is the appropriate time to strategize. Stand up youth and reach in the battle filed in order to take your right from your elders against their ineffective leadership by confining the efforts within the laid down parameters and given prescribed limits of the constitution of India and more so by following the path of non-terrorism with an imbibed sense and feeling of complete self-confidence and self-reliance. First show the so called leadership their way since at this very moment the situation is most appropriate for the emergence of alternate leadership, don't get it delayed, otherwise your future will be so much dark that it would not be possible to get rid of it .Wake up of the dream and start a consistent struggle to fill the cracks in the slaking boat of Millat to region its lost prestige with full courage, liveliness, determination and sustained efforts may help you fulfill this noble mission. May God be with you always? (Amen)