(a national consultative body of Indian Muslims)

A Non Starter, Why?

This was also a part of my strategy that a national organization representing almost all sections of Muslim society be established so that the community may get a consultative mechanism right from the grass root level to national level. On paper it was done, people also joined, organization was also registered and a political convention was also held but it could not be pushed further. It required adequate financial resources which I could not manage and as such its proper structure could not be raised though highly distinguished people from all walks of life, representing all regions, states and shades of opinion got associated with it.

"The funds were and are available for fictitious conventions and so called Muslim oriented welfare activities, backed by vested political interests and Hindu industrialists having their own political and economic agenda to persue and from other such arrangements".

"And above all, I have never believed in serving the Master's will and their drawn agenda, rather I want my community to be the Master of its own fate, will and decisions. I also did not want any thing in my coffers by way of loans or financial assistance unauthorizedly under the cover of some government scheme".

Some persons who had joined this organization out of selfish motives also parted with as persons not getting immediate gains, sometimes rather generally adopt such a course. As a matter of fact this organization was not established for personal gains. I have always wanted community financial assistance to run it which did not come to me.

"I have always been against foreign assistance in political matters of Muslims. I hope Almighty Allah will raise people from within the community who shall come forward to run and support the organization in the manner I want. The day I find such persons I intend to activate it to its full potential. Insha-Allah."

List of those associated

1. Andhra Pradesh

  • Dr Masood Ali Khan, Dy. Director, Southern Regional Centre, ICSSR, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

2. Bihar

  • Mr Aun Ahmed, Lecture R/o Mohalla Faizullah Khan, Darbhanga.

3. Delhi

  • Professor Zahid Hussain Zaidi (Former Vice Chancellor, Rohilkhand University), Jamia Millia Islamia-JMI.
  • Professor Qazo Obaidurrehman Hashmi, JMI.
  • Professor Mushahid Hussain, JMI.
  • Professor M. Saleem Qidwai, Jawahar Lal Nehru University.
  • Dr Sharif Ahmed, JMI.
  • Dr Tasneem Fatima, JMI.
  • Dr Mohd Zulfiqar, JMI.
  • DR Khushnood Husain, JMI.
  • Mr Sabir Ali, Planner, Council for Social Development, Lodi Estate.
  • Mohammed Fahim Dehlvi, Shama Ghar, Sardar Patel Marg.
  • Mr Feroz Bakht Ahmed, Journalist, Zakir Nagar.
  • Mr Muzaffar Hussain Ghazali, Assistant Secretary, Foundation for Educational Development, Abul Fazal Enclave.
  • Alhaj Moulana Mohammed Isa, Imam Jama Masjid, Defence Colony.
  • Abul Quttab Mohd Zakirul Waheedi, President, All India Organization of Imams of Mosques (regd), Imam Masjid Timarpur.
  • Qari Abdul Latif, Imam Masjid, Ring Road, Sarai Kale Khan.
  • Moulana Mohd Ali Johar Aminee, Mohtamim, Darululoom Faridia, Malviya Nagar.
  • Advocate Mohd Nabi, Zakir Nagar, Okhla.
  • Rafat Sambhali, Muradi Road, Batla House, Jamia Nagar, Okhla.
  • Mohd Hanif Ansari, President, Islamic Council of India, Zakir Nagar, Okhla.
  • Dr. Mohd. Imran, Bulbuli Khana, Sita Ram Bazar.
  • Shahid Sami, Muradi Road, Batla House, Jamia Nagar, Okhla.
  • Wasim Akhtar Khan, Jamia Nagar, OKhla.
  • Mohd Habiburrehman, Jamia Hamdard, Tughlaqabad, Sangam Vihar.
  • Late Moulana Bashir Ahmer Rashid Al-Ameeni, Imam Masjid Panj Peeran, Nizamuddin.
  • LateProfessor Majid Ali Khan, Head, Department of Islamic Studies, JMI.
  • Late Professor Ali Ashraf, Former Vice Chancellor, JMI.

3. Gujarat

  • Abdul Sattar Habib Hamdani, Porbandar.
  • Mohammad Dawood Razvi Noori, Jitpur, Rajkot.

4. Haryana

  • Nazir Ahmed Imam, Sakars, Ferozpur Jhirka.
  • Mohammad Suleman, Mohtamim Madrastulbanat Khadijatulkubra, Chak Rangala, Firozpur Jhirka.
  • Mohd. Asfar Qasmi, Hathin, Faridabad

5. Jammu & Kashmir

  • Mohammad Yaqub Ali R/o Dhahrana, Poonch.

6. Karnataka

  • Professor Abdul Qayyum Sadiq, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga.
  • Dr Musa Raza Kaiser R/o Netaji Road, Fyaser Town, Hassan.

7. Kerala

  • C. Muhammed Faizi Al-Azhari, Manager of Markaz, Karanthur, Kozhikode.
  • Muhammed Faizy Kakkad, Principal Markaz Arts College, Kozhikode.

8. Maharashtra

  • Syed Mohammad Hussaini Ashrafi Misbahi, Darululoom Amjadia, Ganja Khet, Nagpur.

10. Orissa

  • Abdul Salam Rashidi, Qazitola, Haripur, Sundargarh.

11. Punjab

  • Mufti Fuzailurrehman Hilali Usmani, Mufti, Malyar Kotla.
  • Dr. Mohammad Shakil Khan, Reader, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

12. Rajasthan

  • Professor Ziauddin Shamsi Tehrani, Tonk.
  • DR. H. M. Azam Baig, Former President, AMU Students Union, Jaipur.
  • Mufti Sher Mohammad Khan Razvi, Daruluoom Ishaqia, Jodhpur.
  • Haji Mohammad Zubair Ahmed Alwari, Zamindar, Alwar.

13. Tamil Nadu

  • B. Fazlul Haq, Sr. Lecturer, Anantapur R/o Ist Cross, Gandhi Road, Mittanahalli, Madras.

14. Utter Pradesh

  • Allama Mohammad Qamar Raza Khan, Sadagran, Bareilly Sharif, Bareilly.
  • Allama Mohammad Tauqeer Raza Khan, Presiden Ittehad-e-Millat Council, Saudagran, Bareilly Sharif, Bareilly.
  • Allama Mohammad Tauseef Raza Khan, President, All India Jamiat-ul-Awam, Bareilly Sharif, Bareilly.
  • Moulana Mohammad Idris Raza Khan, Madarsa Hashmatu-r-Raza,Hashmat Nagar, Pilibhit.
  • Professor Mohammad Yasin Mazhar Siddiqui, Head, Department of Islamic Studies, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Professor Riyazuddin, J N Medical College, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Professor A. A. K. Sherwani, JN Medical College, AMU.
  • Dr. Altaf Hussain Nadvi, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Dr. Liaqat Ali Rao, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Dr. Nabi Ahmad, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Dr. Mohammad Naim, JN Medical College, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Dr. Shahabuddin, Plus Two Programme, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Mr. Dildar Khan, Director, Institute of Development Studies, Aligarh.
  • Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmad Khan, JN Medical College, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Zaifurrehman Khan Shervany, Former President, City Congress, Aligarh.
  • Mr. A. Shamim Khan, Deputy Registrar, University Polytechnic, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Dr. Faiyazurrehman, Medical Colony, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Noor Mohd, Former Secretary, AMU Students Union, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Mohd. Hafeezurrehman, Research Scholar, JNU, New Delhi R/o District Rampur.
  • Sajjad Zaheer Ansari, Oswal Textiles Azamgarh.
  • Abdul Ghaffar, Academician, Sambhal, Moradabad.
  • Mrs. Sabra Begum, Academician, Sambhal, Moradabad.
  • Mohd. Sulaiman Siddiqui, Editor, Akhbar Daily, Kanpur.
  • Moulana Alam Raza Khan, Imam, Masjid Mehtab Nagar, Chakeri Road, Kanpur.
  • Ishrat Feroz, Editor, Azamgarh.
  • Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Civil Engineer, Deoband, Saharanpur.
  • M. Wadood Sajid, Chief Editor, Views Times Fortnightly, Saharanpur.
  • Mr. Faiyaz Husain, Medical Practicioner, Barabanki.
  • Moulana Mohd Anzar-ul-Haque Azhariya Markaz Faisal Radhna, Meerut.
  • Late Mohd. Mushir Alam, Reader, Department of Law, AMU-Aligarh.
  • Late Mr. Shakilurrehman Shamsi, Journalist, Pilibhit.

I am grateful to all of you for showing interest in this initiative. Reasons for not keeping the Shoora functional have already been elaborated. Until and unless transparent Muslim funding is not available to run the Shoora for the good of the community its full activation is not possible. However, let me assure you that though it is now ten years old but in these years it has not been misused for any personal, social, political, economic or financial purpose. The first and the last convention was held in Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi on 21st April 1996.

In my personal capacity, what all I have been doing in this period I am making that public and now it is for each one of you to assess and and have an independent judgement on my past track record.

I would love to see Shoora becoming fully functional and perform the role for which it was floated. My efforts in this direction are constantly there.

As of now to take the message of this mission and movement I am launching a website with the title, "" Through this site I will be interacting with the media, people in general and the youth of my community in particular. It will be kept update, comprehensive and yielding. Inshallah.