"As the community has learnt to peacefully live in mixed residential colonies and co-exist with their counterparts in offices, market, schools, colleges, universities, travel, business, trade, industry and commerce and its decisions are not governed by religious affinities and considerations, likewise it needs to learn to behave the same way in politics, with political institutions and political parties. No body should be a permanent friend or foe. Wherever the national and community interest is best looked after decision should go in that direction. And if ever the nation faces a challenge to its unity, integrity and sovereignty then our decisions without any reservation should go with the national interest".

Immediate option

  • For the time being, I am not in favour of forming a separate Muslim political party at the national level.
  • At state level Indian union Muslim league and Majlis Ititehadul Muslimeen in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh are doing a good job and I am in favour of their continuity.
  • At national level our decisions should be based on the electoral promise of national parties or alliance and their previous performance.
  • At sate level, decision, as far as possible should be taken in favour of regional political parties, keeping in view, of course the best possible solution of sate and local problems; the previous performance and electrol promise of respective political parties should also be taken into account before reaching the final conclusion.
  • At the district, town or village level, the decision should be based purely on local problems so that pitiable condition of Muslim localities in respect of cleanliness, sewage system, pumps, wells, school, dispensaries and roads is improved. Sentimental decisions do not contribute in finding solution to the problems and those remain as such.
  • The solution of the problem should be preferred. Party, organization or the personality is never considered permanent friend or foe until and unless those prove so by their acts."

    " Such pressure groups are required to be formed from street to locality. locality to villages, villages to town , towns to district, districts to state and sates to center so that even a single vote is not exercised in favor or opposition negating the given suggestion or opinion by the formed pressure groups."

MediumTerm Option

Muslims in all states regroup themselves, float a centralized consultative mechanism, draft state/district wise development agenda, create necessary awareness among the masses with regard to the contents of the agenda and the benefits derived therefrom, include in the exercise political and social activists, involve the local print and electronic media to build up public opinion and necessary pressure on all the politicians and political parties, bring about a tie with those persons and sections who enjoy credibility but are reluctant to indulge in public issues and finally take this exercise up to the grassroot level.

A cadre of active and sincere workers is also created at all the levels to support the continuity, consistency and sustainability of this move. As far as possible those, who are already in politics from the community should not have a feeling of being targeted through this exercise, rather find the move consolidating their respective positions in the parties they belong to. This must eventually lead to an independent Muslim political formulation in all the states.

I am not suggesting a strategy in which there is a communal backlash. In fact what is being suggested here contains the following;
  • Common development agenda - a source of general consolidation
  • General awareness of issues - a deterrent to passion based politics.
  • General sense of unity and harmony - necessary for a separate political formulation.
  • Formation of pressure group - a need that is felt naturally.
  • Independent thinking - necessary to take logical decisions.
  • End of political exploitation - beginning of the community oriented actions.
  • Not necessary to field or support a Muslim candidate in elections - Muslim vote support to any candidate becomes conditional to the fulfillment of its agenda, development gets ensured and assured.
  • Winner and looser both are forced to understand, realize and recognize the importance of Muslim vote bank - the only way to achieve adequate representation/ fulfilment of our viewpoint.

"In case if the secular parties do not live up to our expectations and do not adhere to our demand of proportionate representation, then We the Muslims of India, will not be left with any other option except to adopt the understated strategy to realize the already drawn Muslim agenda".

Long term option

"I have a strong conviction that any party which Muslims of India, ever try to float or form at the state or national level, even if they keep the colour of its flag saffron, it will be considered another Muslim League, then why not to go in for Indian Union Muslim League itself. Let us convert this state level political dispensation into a full-fledged national party. Imagin a situation when Indian Muslims, with their party, leadership and organizational network have their conditional tie up with dalits, backwards, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, what would be the Indian politics alike? If goals of participative governance, equal share in national development, equitable and dignified place in Indian polity and society are to be achieved, this is the only course available. We, as a community need to adopt the following strategy".

  • Demand based politics and indirect Muslim rule. We already have examples of direct and indirect dalit or backward rule.
  • Conditional support and vocal opposition.
  • No permanent friend or foe.
  • Not necessary to field candidates in all constituencies.
  • Support to individual candidate or party as per the pre-concieved arrangements.
  • Muslim vote, irrespective of its quantity and number must not go to a candidate without its clearance from the national or state leadership.

The fundamental problem at present is that now, we are being consumed; rather we need to learn how to consume? The Muslim community also needs to come out of certain notions which give rise to a fear psychosis. For example;

  • If Muslims go the League way, Hindus can go the RSS way.
  • There can be a communal backlash.
  • We may be charged with demanding another Pakistan.
  • This move shall consolidate the forces of Hindutva.

I think all such notions take birth from the stereotyped mindset and inferiority complex.


  • In Kerala Muslims have gone the League way and BJP/Sangh are the weakest there in the country and not only this there seems to be perfect harmony in between Hindus, Muslims and Christians.
  • The Indian National Congress which championed the cause of Indian freedom struggle and achieved independence and the left, the strongest and the most committed secular political group in the country go in for political and electoral alignment and understanding with the League and its leadership. Even today, Indian Union Muslim League is a constituent of United Progressive Alliance and Mr. E.Ahmed of the League is the Minister of State for External Affairs. The past track record of leaders like late Ebrahim Sulaiman Seth and Ghulam Mahmood Banatwala gives us all sufficient ground to believe the league and its leadership credentials.
  • In the last fifty seven years, we, as a community have always supported the secular parties, secular leaders and secular traditions and still there is communal backlash. Who is responsible? At least we are not!
  • As far as demand of Pakistan is concerned, the position has already been clarified but still let me clarify that our agenda is a constitutional agenda and we derive every bit of it from the preamble of Indian constitution, a constitution that guarantees political, social and economic justice to all the citizens of the country.
  • Indian Union Muslim League is a party, registered with the Election Commission of India and is functioning strictly as a secular political party. Another Pakistan and its demand are absolutely out of question. Even thinking or conceiving anything on these lines is an anti national act. What to talk of perusing it?

"To reveal full facts pertaining to partition, India needs a full, free and frank parliamentary debate. Perhaps this is necessary for the full facts to reveal before the Indian masses. M.A .Jinnah should not be made the only villain and scapegoat for what has led to division of the country. If we can live together for 800 years under Muslim rule, then why can't in a secular and democratic polity. This provides the bottom line for future discussion on this issue".

  • The politics of Hindutva is the failure of Indian secularism; we have neither contributed in its growth nor in its consolidation.
  • The forces of Hindutva have already been consolidated so much that there is a backlash against them by the secular majority of India.
  • And otherwise too, what we are talking has to be realized within the secular constitution and polity.

Alternate Option

If the idea of accepting Muslim League, as the sole representative voice of the community does not find acceptance with the common man and elite of the community, the state wise emerging poltical dispensations as a result of the application of medium term option may take the form of a National political front. Decisions in general elections and other national and state related issues are then taken through this structure. In this kind of arrangement our national polity should have a tie with the politics of the state of Jammu & Kashmir because we the Muslims of India can better utilize the pressure of this border Muslim majority state to our utmost advantage.


"I am for the resolution of all our problems within the constitutional framework, seek an honourable place for my community in governance, development and public representation, keen to see that 200 million strong Muslim population is no more exploited by the touts of politics, political parties and the individual politicians, as a community it plays its due role in shaping the destiny of India and in this process achieve for itself indirect rule through the adoption of demand based politics and the same is culminating into securing for it the proportionate representation in all walks of life because this is where the actual redressal to all our grievencies lies.".