Lastly, I would like to address the youth and give you a call, as it is your era. Its hardships and challenges belong to you, its dangers and apprehensions are yours and you are to be tested here. Get up from sweet dreams and be ready for a Jihad which your religion, your circumstances and your future demands from you. Our only and sole target is the leadership and organizational network prevalent within the community which has eaten the millat like white ants and put us in such a situation. Is insult and humanity our fortune? Whether a per porous society is not our goal? Do we have any right to be self respected? Do we not require pride of our community; Are the opportunities for development not for us? Is political, social and economic exploitation the only destination for us? Are we the part of conflicts, groupism, mutual hatred and enmity? Can the unity amongst Muslim be not our target? Can we not make the protection of our milli individuality our goal by rising above differences of faith? Surely it could be done provided youths got prepared themselves against every such false power which tries to take effort to misguide you and if it could be achieved that definitely a bright, shining, secure, prestigious and self reliant future will be waiting for you. With reference to the future let me clarify one thing completely that the purpose of all these efforts are not only to shake, awake and rouse his conscience but also challenge his sense of self respect as to how long will this drama or selling the millat will be continued? Will you never feel your responsibility towards millat? The person living in your neighborhood and mohallas are accumulating illegal wealth and playing a heinous game in the name of millat are present amongst you as respectable persons of the society in white color dress and you instead of catching hold of them by their colar and tearing their garments to pieces are seen to welcome them and make the guest of hionour, seeing all this, I get disgusted and self conscience gives me only one call to get up and demolish these facts made of and call the youths by having absolute belief in God and accepting prophet Mohammad as your source and guidance to pronounce such a Jihad whose first target will be the consciences less traders of the millat .let the youth came forward and tighten their respectable life, snatch leadership form their hands and show their right place so that in future any so called leader may not dare to play with your chastity, self respect, honour and the pride of millat by telling them the others. May God make me and all those who are presently and would in future be associated with this movement harmonious with this thinking and make me and they firm in our Iman (beliefs) and deeds (Amen). At the same time, it is my suggestion to those who do not agree with this thinking to go away form the movement and to those who are not secure of their future role with respect to this movement. Should formally got themselves deported and pray to God for its success. Youth must remember that they are the creator of such a bright and golden history which is full of innumerable examples of their truthfulness, bravery, bold determination, fighting approaches, capability of scattering the evil, crucification of the false force and the establishment of the regime of righteousness and justice. Let us remove today's darkness with the light of yesterday and should guide the millat to right path and provide it such an infrastructure that it be able to overcome all the hardships and difficulties coming in its way and always continue shining with its full pride and dignity. Come forward and be well prepared to discharge your duties at proper time. May God help and protect. May God help and protect all of us (Amen)